Learn in the heart of London. The Sherbet London Knowledge College is situated at one of London’s most established taxi hubs – The Richmond Road Cab Centre, so that while you learn the Knowledge you are surrounded by the heartbeat of the living taxi trade.


Modern & Connected

We do things a little differently, tapping into social media and online resources to help you access the Knowledge 24hours a day. Follow our tutors broadcast on runs and routes on Periscope, follow our updates on Twitter and try our cab simulator, based directly in the school. The Knowledge is tough – but nobody said it had to be boring.


Focus on passing

Unlike other schools we have no interest in making money out of Knowledge students – we want you to pass so you can start earning. Of course we hope you do that in a Sherbet taxi, but the point is our emphasis, as yours, is getting you out of the Knowledge and into a cab as quickly as possible. If you find other schools frustrating, then come and say hello to Sherbet.


Keep it Real

Real cab drivers with real advice run our school. We have special talks from Knowledge Examiners and those who make their living in the taxi trade.